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New Dragon Age 4 Concept Art Brings Back The Grey Wardens

New Dragon Age 4 concept art has arrived just in time for the weekend, and it brings back the Grey Wardens front and center. The order has gone through the Void and back, especially during the events of Dragon Age Inquisition, and it looks like we’ll be seeing them once more – perhaps to face down an Old God tied to Solas? 

I knew something was coming when Dragon Age 4 executive producer Christian Dailey  responded to a post from BioWare creative director Matthew Goldman about something “grey and point,” and I’m so happy I’m an overthinker, because now I get to write about more Dragon Age. The latest glimpse at fanart is a proud Grey Warden with a sword raised and his shield held high.

@SerGoldman I got you! Is this the right amount of pointy and gray?

Happy Friday all. I hope everyone is staying safe and doing well. 🙂 🐉⚔️🛡️🐉
— Christian Dailey (@ChristianDailey) April 30, 2021

Depending on what you did with the Wardens in Dragon Age Inquisition, the future of those that protect Thedas from the Blight is precarious and unstable. After being used as a pawn by Corphyeus due to a created False Calling, the Order was left in disarray, banished back to Weisshaupt to regroup.  

The last trailer to enjoy was given to us late last year, filled with even more artwork and our first look at Tevinter’s high-society landscapes and a glimpse at those pesky Antivan Crows. Fans have been hungry to learn more about what’s next – especially regarding a certain egghead named Solas. With Nevarra, Antiva, and Tevinter all on the horizon, Dragon Age 4 will be taking fans to the corners of Thedas previously unexplored yet heavily talked about. We might even see the hidden depths of Nevarra with a possible Mortalitassi companion, something we explored in-depth with our previous coverage here. 

With the books (especially the anthology Tevinter Nights) and comics (most recently with Blue Wraith) pairing beautifully with the ending of the Trespasser DLC in Dragon Age Inquisition, we’ve known that the next step for the Thedas tale would be set in Tevinter and the surrounding areas for awhile now. BioWare also previously confirmed this earlier this year, making the next step for the Dragon Age franchise an exciting one. With the concept art art showcasing the Wardens once more, does this mean we can add Weisshaupt to that list of destinations? I sure hope so! 

What do you think about the latest Dragon Age 4 concept art tease? Interested in learning some of our theories about the next game? Check out our in-depth breakdown of red lyrium here, including how we think Solas had the purpose along of self corruption. 

Source: Gameinformer

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