New Fallout 76 Teaser Previews The Benefits And Horrors Of Teamwork

Bethesda’s Fallout previews, with an old-timey narrator and easy animations, are sometimes each cute and disturbing. The studio’s latest trailer for Fallout 76 displays each these traits, and exhibits off a number of potential conditions for multiplayer events to get themselves embroiled in.

Earlier this week, Bethesda dropped some particulars on how gamers would battle each other, however this sneak peek is targeted squarely on tenuous cooperation. Although not gameplay footage, the video exhibits groups of vault-dwellers doing issues that may most certainly exist in-game. 

The actions proven embody:

  • Battling monsters collectively (probably utilizing a team-based V.A.T.S system?)
  • Keeping off hordes with automated defenses 
  • Consuming and consuming collectively
  • Unintentionally triggering traps
  • Taking your lifeless mates’ loot when you by accident triggered the traps
  • Entering into fights with rival squads of gamers

The darkish comedy and colourful look of this preview cartoon are unmistakably Fallout; Bethesda is making critical efforts to let gamers know that, even with the huge modifications, this may nonetheless be the absurd post-apocalypse they know and love.