New Fish Discovered, Named After Lord Of The Rings Character

A new species of suckermouth catfish has been discovered in Africa, and scientists have named it after a popular Lord of the Rings character.

Researchers said in a study published recently in Ichthyology & Herpetology that they found a new type of fish that has some similarities to Hobbits and specifically Frodo Baggins. The fish is called Chiloglanis frodobagginsi. It’s a small, brown fish with brown spots on its back and whisker appendages.

Scientists named the fish after Frodo because the fish, like the character, is a “diminutive traveler,” according to Yahoo News. Hobbits, of course, are known to be small in stature. Most are homebodies, but Frodo (and Bilbo) broke the mold and went on grand, unexpected adventures.

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Source: Gamespot