New Gameplay Today – Days Gone

Click here to watch embedded media Sony Bend’s biker-fueled take on the zombie freaker apocalypse has been a long time coming, and in this episode of NGT, we’re taking one last spoiler-free look at the game before launch. Kato has been entrenched in Days Gone for… well, days now, and walks Leo and I through what players can expect from the final game. You’ll see Kato take on freaker hordes, an enemy ripper camp, and scrounge for resources as he explains the flow of play and the importance of maintaining your bike – something that is easier said than done at times.

Days Gone launches this Friday exclusively on PlayStation 4, but you can read Kato’s review on Thursday, exclusively on this very website! How do ya like them apples?! For tons more info and gameplay videos, visit our Days Gone hub, which is also exclusive but it just feels like we’re bragging at this point so don’t worry about that detail. 

Source: Gameinformer