New Gameplay Today — Final Fantasy VII Remake

Click here to watch embedded media The remake to one of the greatest RPGs of all time is less than a week away, and we have good news for fans of the iconic series. While not perfect, Final Fantasy VII Remake capitalizes on the majority of its new additions and cements its place as a title that stands on its own, according to our own Joe Juba. 

Speaking of Joe, he and the wonderful Kimberley Wallace join me to take a deep dive into how Square Enix’s remake expands on the world and combat of the 1997 original. While we stay away from story spoilers as much as we can, we do show sequences from a few hours into the game so if you want to go in not seeing anything, now is your chance.

If you can’t wait to dive back into Midgar, you don’t have much longer, as Final Fantasy VII Remake releases exclusively on PlayStation 4 on Friday, April 10.

Source: Gameinformer