New Gameplay Today – Gears 5's Campaign

Click here to watch embedded media Gears 5 is out soon on Xbox One and PC, which makes it as good a time as any to play the game while talking over it. Reiner is in charge of the playing the game part, while Leo and I do our best to talk over it. And our best is pretty good.

Reiner starts us off right at the beginning, which is actually a lie. There’s a “Previous on Gears of War” kind of thing that acts as a refresher, but we skipped past that part to get right to gameplay. Hey, it’s something to look forward to! Anyway, watch the episode to see combat, learn a little bit about your robo-companion, and hear Reiner’s thoughts about some of Gears 5’s open-world elements (he’s… not a fan!).

You can read Reiner’s review here while you wait for the game to hit the Xbox One and PC later this week.

Source: Gameinformer