New Gameplay Today – Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise

Click here to watch embedded media It’s that fourth most magical time of the year when a new season of Rainbow Six Siege is revealed (they’re all tied for fourth) and this time I had the privilege of attending a Pro League event that ties into the reveal: this year’s Rainbow Six Major in Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s been a blast watching the matches and playing the new operators, but it’s a solitary life. No one’s back home this weekend to Skype in for New Gameplay Today, so for this episode you’ve got me talking to myself about everything coming in Year 4 Season 3.

In the video above I detail the rework of Kanal as well as the two new operators, one of which may have actual impact on the meta and one of which is just a blast to play. Enjoy the video, and for more on the incredible grappling hook of the new attacker, check out our video answering all your questions about the Garra Hook.

Source: Gameinformer