New Gameplay Today – Sega Genesis Mini Hardware Walkthrough

Click here to watch embedded media Sega’s Genesis Mini console is coming out next month, giving retro fans another excuse to go back and dig into the classics. And the port of Virtua Fighter 2. In today’s NGT, Brian Shea, Ben Hanson, Leo Vader, and I look at the miniature system’s adorable shell and also run through some of the highlights from its selection of more than 40 games.

Hanson may or may not be a gaming prodigy, as you can see from how he handles all these old games, including Ecco the Dolphin, Sonic 2, Dynamite Heady, and the previously unreleased port of Tetris. On the bright side, at least the controller cable is long? Look, you have to take your wins where you can.

The Sega Genesis Mini is coming to stores on September 19.

Source: Gameinformer