New Gameplay Today – Siege’s Phantom Sight Update

Click here to watch embedded media If there’s one thing that everyone in the Game Informer offices know, it’s that Leo Vader is some kind of Rainbow Six Siege prodigy. He’s unstoppable! He literally can’t be beaten! What’s this? He played some of the new Phantom Sight update against a bunch of professional YouTubers?! That sounds unfair! In today’s episode, we show you just how unfair it was.

No, just kidding! Leo did great! We’ll blame his rare losses on his teammates, since that’s what you do in multiplayer games. Leo’s back is only human, and it’s unreasonable to expect him to carry the entire team. OK, that concludes our skit about poor sportsmanship. Watch today’s NGT to see the new operators, including one who dresses to impress, and another who is so shy that she turns invisible! Wow!

Siege’s Phantom Sight update is coming soon! For more on the operators and a full tour of Kafe, watch Leo’s video feature on the new operation.

Source: Gameinformer