New Gameplay Today – Wargroove

Click here to watch embedded media In the arduous absence of Nintendo’s long-forgotten strategy series Advance Wars, many developers have tried their hand at replicating its magic. Few have succeeded like Wargroove, which, as you’ll read in our review, is a fantastic game that is both an ode to simple-yet-deep tactics games but also builds and iterates on them in surprising ways.

It also has several cool modes (and crossplay!), so Leo Vader and I sat down for a quick overview of everything the game has to offer, including the campaign, arcade, puzzle modes, and multiplayer modes. There’s also a very in-depth creator tool, which lets you create entire campaigns from scratch, so I of course took it upon myself to one-up developer Chucklefish’s campaign with one of my own. I think you’ll find it up to scratch.

Source: Gameinformer