New Halo Infinite Details Reveal Dynamic Weather, More Engaging Enemy Encounters, And More

343 Industries just dropped a new video for Zeta Zone that drops a lot of new info and answers from frequently asked questions about Halo Infinite. From more meaningful encounters to dynamic weather, there’s a lot to unpack with the latest video, so let’s get started! 

The world of Halo Infinite is meant to be more immersive than ever before and one of the ways that the team is achieving this is with reactive and dynamic environments. Night and day cycles are not only confirmed but will affect in-game activity. This includes an effect on patrols (the night cycle will have enemies like Grunts sleeping), it will impact combat engagements, cutscenes, and so much more. 343 also added that snowstorms and thunderstorms will also be seen in Infinite, though those additions will be post-launch. 

Also confirmed is that Halo Infinite’s Zeta Halo ring is completely 3D rendered and offers a slight twist with eclipses seen in-game when the sun passes behind it. 

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Among the questions asked is “what will stop players from grabbing a Banshee and going for an objective further in the story,” 343 added that the team encourages players to do just that. There’s more freedom in Halo Infinite, and that means play how you want to play, even though there is a linear touch to the story. 

Some things confirmed not to be in Halo Infinite include: 

No dual-wielding
No playable elites
No hostile wildlife 

If you’re like me and love to explore, the video also goes into some of the different biomes players will trudge through, including the primary biome which is the Pacific Northwest. From swamps to the “Deadlands,” the studio wanted to incorporate a more diverse world to experience with Halo Infinite. For Skyrim lovers, there are even a ton of caves to go diving in. You know you love it. 

With Gears studio The Coalition on board to help with development following the delay from the Xbox Series X launch date, it looks like development may be back on track and hopefully we’ll get a solidified release date soon. 

To learn even more about the upcoming game and what else is happening in the 343 universe, you can check out the test Halo Waypoint post here. 

Source: Gameinformer