New Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Gameplay Revealed, Including New Locations And Stunning Creatures

E3 2021 feels like it has kicked off a little early this year with so many announcements happening around the same time. With the latest PlayStation State of Play, Guerrilla Games shared new Horizon Forbidden West PS5 gameplay footage for those eager to jump back into the role of Aloy from the original Horizon Zero Dawn experience. 

The latest video dives deep into what players can expect from the highly anticipated sequel. The stunning open world is made even more so by utilizing smart ray tracing technology. From what we’ve seen before today’s showcase, massive storms have destroyed the land that we so loved in the first game. This latest look also shows off some of the earlier features revealed, like diving underwater. There will also be a plethora of new creatures for her to interact with and new monsters to fight, including an awesome-looking robotic elephant.

Can we also appreciate that she has a Breath of the Wild glider and an Ult attack? And the scanner? And the boost? I’m OK, I’m not excited or anything…(I’m very excited). 

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Horizon Zero Dawn was a huge success for PlayStation 4, marking it as an instant staple for the Sony-specific platform. It’s easy to see why so many fell in love with Aloy, the RPG’s protagonist. She was strong, impressively so, and tough but she didn’t let that harden her heart, a heart with the capability to forgive, to survive, and to thrive. Never scared off from approaching a challenge head-on, the sequel with Horizon Forbidden West aims to carry on her strength. Meeting new characters, besting new foes, and exploring new terrain all await when Horizon Forbidden west drops. 

This franchise’s dual-nature setting with futuristic technology in a more tribal society made the parallels between the two worlds a unique one for the game’s narrative. With Forbidden West promising even more adventures, a larger world to get lost in, and new ways to master combat and hone Aloy’s skills, the upcoming journey from Guerrilla Games aims to take what so many loved from the first adventure and make it even better. 

Still no release date yet, but hopefully something more concrete soon. 

What do you think about the latest Horizon Forbidden West PS5 gameplay reveal? Are you anxious to transform into Aloy once more? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below! 

Source: Gameinformer