New Judgment Features Trailer Shows You Kamurocho's Newest Activities

Publisher: SEGA

Developer: SEGA

Release: Summer

Platform: PlayStation 4

With Judgment coming in just a few months, Sega wants Yakuza fans to know what they can expect from this semi-spinoff set in the Yakuza universe. There’s some gameplay and mechanics that will feel totally at home to Yakuza fans and a lot of things that definitely will not.

As such, Sega has released a features trailer telling players what is waiting for them in this more legal side of Kamurocho. Check it out below.

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In the trailer, you can see various mechanics like tailing, the return of Yakuza’s chase sequences, reviewing evidence, conversational choices, and of course, kicking faces. While the trailer is in English, the game will offer both Japanese and English voice acting, with different subtitles depending on if you want the English dub script or a Japanese translation that doesn’t adhere to lip-synching.

You can check out Suriel’s latest preview of the game’s first few hours right here. Judgment releases on PlayStation 4 on June 21 for digital preorders and June 25 for physical purchases.

Source: Gameinformer