New Monster Hunter Rise Demo Announced Alongside New Gameplay Trailer

Monster Hunter Rise is on the way and to celebrate, Capcom just revealed a brand new trailer for fans of the series to enjoy, including new monsters on the way. In addition to the Monster Hunter Rise gameplay trailer, we’ve also got confirmation about the next demo for the upcoming game. But first, the trailer. 

New Monster Hunter Rise gameplay trailer and features

In our latest look at Monster Hunter Rise, Capcom showed off a new Rampage quest type as Hunters work alongside the citizens of Kamura Village to prepare them for survival against hordes of hungry monsters. With the new trailer also comes a first look at some new gameplay features, including the Silkbind Attacks that all four weapon types will be able to utilize and the Switch Skills for each weapon’s progression. 

Monster Hunter Rise will also include dynamic difficulty scaling for multiplayer that will automatically adjust for new players as they come and go out of the online experience. 

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Also revealed is the new Hunter Connect feature. This feature will allow players to create unique tags that suit their playstyle. This allows them to be more visible in the community and allows for similarly-styled players to find and matchmaker with them. 

Between returning favorites regarding monsters like Zinogre and Nargacugo, there are also some new ones on the horizon as well for our quest to protect Kamura Village. From the mysterious Elder Dragon Chameleos to a few others spotted in the gameplay video above, Monster Hunter Rise aims to continue delivering a fantastic exploratory experience for fans of this beloved franchise. 

When is the Monster Hunter Rise demo? 

The second limited-time demo will begin on March 11 and will ramp up the difficulty when hunting in-game against Magnamalo. For those that participated in the first demo back in January, their quest counter will reset and they’ll be able to dive back in with the fight against the Wyvern of Malice. 

Monster Hunter Rise arrives on Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. 

Source: Gameinformer