New PS5 Update Adds Additional 120Hz Support And HDR Options

The first major PS5 update is officially live, an update we detailed in our earlier coverage yesterday. While the latest patch brings expanded storage options, improvements to the mobile app, and more social features, it also includes a few additional surprises as well. 

New PS5 update is now live

Before diving into the features we weren’t expecting, be sure to check out the revealed patch notes from yesterday to find out more about the new social features and improvements made to PS5 storage (though you can’t play the games you store externally, which is an entirely different conversation). 

HDR, what is it and what’s different? 

Not every game supports HDR, and while that’s fine, that does make the addition of the ability to toggle off video to non-HDR a welcome feature. HDR is high-dynamic-range imaging, and it’s a technique used in creating a greater range of luminosity in digital entertainment. It’s becoming a standard in modern tech, but not every game or app has that imaging technique in mind. Instead of going through the settings to disable HDR, PS5 users can now just automatically have the HDR functionality turned off when viewing something that doesn’t support this tech. 

You’ll find the HDR changes in the Video Output section of Screen and Video settings. Highlight over the HDR option, and you’ll see Off, Always On, and On When Supported. Toggle on the third option to have this automatic update active.

120 Hz 

For those gamers utilizing a PC monitor that supports 120Hz and runs 1080p, the new PS5 update also now adds that level of support. This update to the refresh rate will be made even better when Sony eventually adds Varian Refresh Rate support in the future. 

Additional HDMI support

In the HDMI section of the System Settings menu, you can Enable HDMI Device Link (which is not new), Enable One-Touch Play, and Enable Power Off Link. You can also Enable HDCP, but what’s new is the One-Touch Play. “If you turn on your PS5, the connected device will also turn on and switch its input to the PS5,” reads the sub-description. This feature is especially nice for those that have Smart TVs (voice-activated) or Smart Devices (like Alexa). Voice activate your TV, and your PS5 will automatically follow. 

To Enable Power Off, this will automatically place your PS5 system in its rest mode when the TV is powered down. 

For those that have a PlayStation 5, how do you like the latest update? What are your thoughts on the newly added social features? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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Source: Gameinformer