New Samurai Shodown Trailer Shows Off Nakoruru's Fighting Style

Click here to watch embedded media Last month, we played Samurai Shodown on an episode of New Gameplay Today and learned about this game’s portrayal of popular series mainstay Nakoruru. Now, SNK has released a new trailer showing her juggling her opponents with flaming tornadoes and gusts of wind. Mamahaha, her pet hawk, also contributes to fights allowing Nakoruru to attack from higher altitudes and evade incoming barrages. For a more in-depth look at her move list and combat mechanics, check out our New Gameplay Today episode. 

Samurai Shodown releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this summer. There are plans for a Switch version of the game, but a release date has not been confirmed. For even more on Samurai Shodown, read our current issue, which contains a sizable feature all about the franchise revival.

Source: Gameinformer