New Twisters Trailer Has A Fire Tornado, Fireworks, And Glen Powell In A Wet T-Shirt

Twisters will apparently explore what happens when you shoot fireworks into a tornado. The act is courtesy of Glen Powell’s character Tyler Owens, who confidently says at one point in the sequel’s new trailer: “We don’t need PhDs and fancy tech. Sometimes the old ways are better than the new.” Not to be outdone, Kate Cooper (portrayed by Daisy Edgar-Jones) responds: “Well, you can always trust a guy who puts his face on a T-shirt.”

This banter and more are part of the action-packed new trailer for Twisters, which can be seen below. The video also features a fire tornado and Owens walking in the rain with a cowboy hat and wet white T-shirt. There’s also a truck getting pulled into the air by a tornado and a water tower collapsing, among other destruction.

The twin tornadoes from the first Twisters trailer also make an appearance, combining to create a super whirlwind. We also, once again, see how Cooper is roped back in to chasing storms and comes across the boisterous Owens, who’s known as the Tornado Wrangler. While there don’t appear to be any connections to the original Twister, there is a chance Cooper, for example, could be the daughter of Helen Hunt’s Jo Harding and Bill Paxton’s Bill–especially since his last name is never given.

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Source: Gamespot