New Update Causes Lego Mario To Call Out For Luigi

Lego launched its Super Mario line of sets in 2020, delivering fun kits including Whomp, Toad, King Boo, Bowser, and more. While the full line features a wide range of characters from the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond, Mario’s ever-present brother is conspicuously absent. However, a recent firmware update for the Lego Super Mario figure seems to drop a hint that more figures and sets, including Luigi are on the way. 

According to a video posted by Twitter user Jay Phoenix, the Super Mario figure has a new voice line where he calls out to his missing brother. You can see the somewhat haunting video in the embedded tweet below.

So, was fiddling about with LEGO Mario for the first time in ages cos of that new treasure hunt update and
— Jay Phoenix (@AyliffeMakit) April 15, 2021

While that video could be written off as a mod or some kind of hack, Lego seems to confirm the new voice line seemingly unprompted in a way to indicates that Luigi could very well be on the way. In response to a Facebook user talking about how her child has started resorting to putting Mario’s pants on Bowser Jr. to create his own version of Luigi, Lego was rather coy in its response. “Now that’s a very creative way to get his missing brother,” Lego said in the Facebook comment thread. “We did notice that LEGO Mario has started calling for him, we’re looking into it and hope to have clarity on why this is soon. Stay tuned! ”

The voice line was snuck in as a part of a new update that added a new treasure hunt challenge to the Super Mario set. Using the Super Mario Lego figure, players can search levels they’ve built for hidden rewards and collect as many coins as possible. The Lego Super Mario set launched on August 1, 2020. We don’t currently know when Luigi and other sets are planned to be introduced, but with a tease like this, it can’t be far off.

[Source: Jay Phoenix on Twitter, Lego on Facebook via Eurogamer]

Source: Gameinformer