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New Xbox Series X Wireless Controller In Daystrike Camo Is Now Available

Late last March, Microsoft revealed two new Xbox Series X wireless controllers with the Electric Volt (which looks almost radioactive) and the Daystrike Camo Special Edition controller. Electric Volt became available last month to order and now it’s the red camo design’s time to shine. 

The Daystrike Camo wireless controller is more in-line with previous designs for Xbox. Xbox loves its camo, and this red take definitely carries on that tradition. This is the third Xbox Wireless Controller to debut from the ever-growing camo line following the Night-Ops Camo and the Arctic Camo. It’s important to note that this controller will work on both Xbox Series systems as well as the Xbox One. 


The newest controller, seen above, includes textured grips across the top of the surface where the bumpers are in order to “keep your grip locked in and on target.” 

I’m not a big camo fan myself, but I remember the Arctic version of this design being really popular with Xbox fans. I did dive in with the Electric Volt controller though, because I’m a sucker for anything brighter than my future. With new designs being revealed and becoming available to buy, hopefully this means that Microsoft is considering bringing back its Design Lab, a create-your-own-controller feature that allowed Xbox players to design their own peripheral with special color options and engraving tools. If you go to the Xbox Design Lab website currently, it just has this simple message: “BRB, we’re making some changes.” Hopefully, more will be announced soon. Maybe during E3? 

With three varying tones of red splashed in with a black and grey backdrop, Microsoft designed this one with a “streetwear vibe” in mind. The Daystrike Camo Special Edition controller is available now for $69.99. For those interested, you can scoop up this bad boy right here. 

Thoughts on the latest Xbox wireless controller from Microsoft? If you could create your dream custom controller, what would it look like? Shout out those thoughts loud and proud in the comment section below! 

Source: Gameinformer

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