Newest Destiny 2 ViDoc Explores Season Of The Drifter And Gambit Prime

Bungie has released a ViDoc going into details on their next planned content for Destiny 2, some of the biggest new content for the game since the studio split with Activision and brought Destiny 2 with them in the process. It looks to spell out new lore for an existing character and make some exciting changes to Gambit mode.

The upcoming updates focus on Season of the Drifter. The enigmatic character will get his chance to shine after his introduction in Forsaken as players get to understand the Drifter and his motivations better. We’ll also learn more about  “The Nine,” and their emissary with new details promised by Bungie.

Two new Gambit maps are going into circulation as the mode itself is evolving. A higher-tier, more competitive version of the mode called Gambit Prime is being introduced. Gambit Prime will have boss-like encounters and let Guardians play more structured roles as dictated by the type of armor they’re wearing.

A new PvE mode called The Reckoning is being introduced for players who are looking for a bit of extra challenge, as the chaotic and fast-moving gameplay will pit you against hordes of enemies spawning around you constantly. Guardians have to survive the countdown to get to higher difficulty tiers and unlock the armor that you’ll use for the Gambit Prime mode.

Check out the ViDoc below for more details.

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Seasons of the Drifter starts in just a few days on March 5.

Source: Gameinformer