Nintendo Doubles Super Mario Maker 2 Level Slots To 64

If you’re a Mario Maker aficionado, you’re already aware that there’s a limit on how many levels you can upload to the game’s servers. This means that, once you hit the level cap, you have to start deleting levels off the servers to upload more. They could be well-loved levels that have tons of plays and likes and comments, but they would just disappear forever in favor of a 33rd level. Today, Nintendo doubled that cap to 64, so you can put that decision off for twice as long.

When you boot up Super Mario Maker 2 today, the news section has a message from Nintendo informing you of this change.

“The maximum number of courses you can upload has increased from 32 to 64 courses,” the message says. “We plan to raise the course-upload limit one more time. Please continue to enjoy Super Mario Maker 2!”

They didn’t say what the next upload cap would be, but an even 100 would make some sense. As someone that creates a lot of levels, watching them tick down to 32 has been pretty stressful and demotivating to actually create. While there’s still a cap, at least it’s a little better.

Super Mario Maker 2 is available for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gameinformer