Nintendo Releases Stats About Their Employment

In a recent recruitment page update released by Nintendo and translated by Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad, Nintendo shared some demographics for employees on the Japanese side of Nintendo. This doesn’t include, say, Nintendo Software Technologies in Redmond, any of Nintendo of America, Retro Game Studios, etc. Still, it’s an interesting look into who makes up Nintendo.

Not sure if new info but noticed this after the update on the Nintendo (NCL) recruitment page. Stats for Japan only-
No of Employees – 2,271
Avg age – 38.6
Avg length of employment – 13.5 yrs
Avg work day – 7hrs, 45mins
Avg annual salary – $80,000
— Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) March 1, 2019

The average length of employment being 13.5 years is absolutely astonishing from a western perspective, and it’s slightly ahead of Japan’s national average. It’s also nice to see that Nintendo’s average work day is under eight hours rather than the crunch-centric idea of working far above it.

As Nintendo’s older employees start looking to pass things on to younger developers, recruitments like this are meant to pick up college graduates that are looking for a major place to make their stamp on the game industry. It’s certainly a pretty compelling argument.

Source: Gameinformer