Nintendo Surprise Announces Paper Mario: The Origami King

Click here to watch embedded media Surprise! Nintendo revealed that Paper Mario: The Origami King is headed to the Switch on July 17. In this RPG adventure, Mario will join forces with a fairy-like creature named Olivia and battle against the machinations of a new origami-themed villain named King Olly. He sounds like a real dork to us. 

As you can see in the trailer, Mario has a new 1,000-Fold Arms ability that allows him to stretch his arms like Mr. Fantastic, so he can interact with the environment and solve puzzles. Battles now have a 3D component and take place in ring-like arenas that require “both puzzle-solving skills and a quick wit.” 

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The Paper Mario franchise has consistently delivered humorous, light-hearted adventures starring Nintendo’s classic hero. However, the action in recent entries hasn’t been as well-received as the early titles (read our review of Color Splash). We’re a little tired of having to collect items to use in battles, and would love a return to some kind of traditional turn-based RPG system, so we’re eager to see if Nintendo has taken any of this criticism to heart when the game releases in a few months.

Source: Gameinformer