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Nioh 2 Remastered – New Gameplay Today Live

Click to watch embedded media Nioh 2: The Complete Edition is available now. You can snag the samurai slasher on PlayStation 5 or PC, and as part of the big The Nioh Collection package. If you’ve been waiting to play Nioh 2, now is definitely the time, as the complete edition comes with all of the DLC content, adding on to the already meaty game. To say you could easily spend 100 hours on the game isn’t embellishing things at all, and even then there are still always more weapons, builds, and set bonuses to try. If you like smashing (and getting smashed) by giant demons, Nioh 2 offers an immense surplus of treats for you to enjoy.  

So, we’re going to stream some Nioh 2: The Complete Edition today! I’ll be piloting our scrappy samurai warrior through some levels, taking on some deadly bosses, and inevitably dying a bunch of times over the course of today’s show, where I’ll be answering your big questions about Nioh 2, souls-likes, and the mysteries of life. While I can’t pretend to be an expert with every build, weapon, and burst counter, I can offer a lot of general tips and suggestions and help you determine if Team Ninja’s dark, punishing adventure is the right fit for you.

One big question I can answer right here that I get often about the Nioh games, especially in light of both Nioh and Nioh 2 being available in one complete set, is… Should you play Nioh before Nioh 2? My answer is no, as Nioh 2 expands and polishes many aspects of the original. Story and lore hounds should in fact play Nioh first as there is some shared narrative DNA between the games, but I have never found the story in these titles captivating in the slightest. These games are all about gameplay, mechanics, and combat. And that’s pretty awesome!

Join me today at 3:30 CST for a look at Nioh 2: The Complete Edition!

Source: Gameinformer

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