Obsidian's CEO On Microsoft's Purchase And The Outer Worlds' Future

Click here to watch embedded media All month long we’ve been rolling out exclusive features on The Outer Worlds from Obsidian Entertainment. While we’re excited about the upcoming RPG, it’s worth zooming out a bit and talking about this interesting period in Obsidian’s history. Back in November, Microsoft announced¬†they were purchasing Obsidian Entertainment but that Take Two’s Private Division would still be funding and publishing The Outer Worlds. While visiting the studio, we spoke with Obsidian’s CEO Feargus Urquhart about why they decided to let Microsoft purchase the studio, the studio’s “three-ish” current development teams, and what Microsoft means for the future of The Outer Worlds as a franchise. Watch the video above and let us know you think in the comments below.

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Source: Gameinformer