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Official Zelda Lego Sets Still Don't Exist, But There Are Plenty Of Budget Building Kits At Amazon

While we still don’t have any official Zelda Lego sets, there are dozens of unofficial third-party products to check out. Many of these are incredibly affordable, clocking in at under $25 yet offering several hours of block-building fun. From the Master Sword and Hylian Shield to Link figurines and Hyrule architecture, a little bit of everything is available with these unofficial sets.

Keep in mind that just because these are unofficial, it doesn’t mean they are poor quality. While we can’t attest to the quality of every set on this list, we have built this Master Sword and Guardian and came away fairly impressed, especially for around $20. Plus, many of these sets even come with nifty display stands. Best of all, the kits span several popular games, allowing you to build icons like Skull Kid or Majora’s Mask along with newer kits that cover the Decayed Master Sword from Tears of the Kingdom and the Horse Stables from Breath of the Wild.

Here’s a look at a bunch of Zelda building kits, all of which are budget-priced yet. Many of these sets have limited-time discounts at Amazon, too. For more Zelda products, check out Walmart’s deals on a handful of Zelda Nintendo Switch games. And if you like brain teasers, these Zelda puzzles with test your wits.

Last thing before we dive in: If you’re in need of a laugh, take a look at some of the promotional lifestyle images on these listings.

Skull Kid with Majora’s Mask (616 pieces)

$28 ($36)

Build the iconic Skull Kid and Majora’s Mask, complete with movable joints and sturdy enough to stand on its own. The kit clocks in at 616 pieces and is suitable for ages six and up.

Skull Kid Building Set (217 pieces)

$15 ($17)

If the above Skull Kid set looks too elaborate, consider opting for this smaller set. It’s not nearly as posable as the 616-piece set above, but it’s compact and has a little stand. It also happens to be creepier, which is cool in our book.

Majora’s Mask Building Set (282 pieces)

$18 ($20)

Build Majora’s Mask with this 282-pieced set. Once you’re done building, you can show off the mask with an included display stand.

The Decayed Master Sword (346 pieces)

$19 ($26)

Designed after the Master Sword from Tears of the Kingdom, this kit comes with a stand to show off your creation. Alternatively, it’s built with a comfortable handle, so you can use it with your latest Link or Zelda cosplay. Two listings are available for this product–so if one sells out, be sure to check the other.

Glowing Master Sword Blocks Kit (303 pieces)

$23 ($26)

Clocking in at 303 pieces, the big selling point of this set is that the Master Sword glows in the dark. That makes it a cool nightlight for a kid’s room, or as a striking addition to your game room.

Glowing Master Sword (684 pieces)

$24 ($26)

This elaborate diorama depicts a large Master Sword wedged into a stone, encircled by a dragon and with a flying Korok nearby. It’s a striking model for the price–and since it clocks in just shy of 700 pieces, it should take you a few hours to put together.

Master Sword Kit (290 pieces)

$21 ($23)

If you’re seeking a more traditional Master Sword building set, this one is worth a closer look. The Triforce at the base glows in the dark, but the rest is a fairly standard build. As a bonus, you’ll get to build a tiny Korok figurine.

Skyline Architecture Collection (579 pieces)

$23 ($36)

For something abstract, the Skyline Architecture Collection should fit the bill. It lets you piece together a skyline that includes Hyrule Castle, the Temple of Time, and a horse stable, among other scenery. It also comes in at over a foot long, making it a great way to fill up a shelf or display case.

The Master Sword and Shield with Link Action Figure (614 pieces)

$20 ($23)

This set lets you build three separate objects–the Master Sword, a Hylian Shield, and a Link figurine. Link is quite small at just a few inches tall, but the sword and shield clock in close to a foot tall. And with over 600 pieces, you should get plenty of build time out of this kit.

The Master Sword Glowing Set with Korok (856 pieces)

$23 ($25)

The Master Sword Glowing Set with Korok is one of the most elaborate kits on this list. Clocking in at 856 pieces, you’ll get to build a Korok with backpack, the Master Sword, and an ornate resting place for the sword.

Korok Building Set (737 pieces)


Hunting for Koroks in Tears of the Kingdom (and Breath of the Wild) can be a trying endeavor, but here all you have to do is snap together 737 pieces to find the Koroks. When you’re done, you’ll have three Koroks along with a Zonai Construct for them to avoid.

Link + Guardian Building Set (557 pieces)


If you want a fun little play set, consider checking out this Breath of the Wild-inspired kit. Its 557 pieces will let you build a Link and Guardian figurine, so you can pit the two against each other in battle. As a bonus, you’ll get to make a tiny Korok.

Hylian Shield Building Set (314 pieces)

$23 ($27)

Piece together this eye-catching Hylian Shield, then display it in your home with the included stand. It’s a fairly large build, too, clocking in at over eight inches tall and four inches wide.

Horse Stable Building Set (1,764 pieces)

$63 ($80)

Clear your calendar, because this 1,764-piece building set will take the most time of any of these Zelda builds. When you’re done, you’ll have a gigantic replica of the horse stables from Tears of the Kingdom and Breath of the Wild. It also comes with a variety of stickers and horses to complete the scene.

Link Action Figure Building Set (334 pieces)

$25 ($30)

Piece together two versions of Link. One is wearing his iconic green tunic and holding a bow, while the other is sporting the blue tunic from Breath of the Wild and the Master Sword.

Korok Building Set (888 pieces)

$17 ($23)

If you really like Koroks, check out this set that lets you build five small figurines. Each one sports a unique design, and since the kit clocks in at 888 pieces, this is a great way to spend a few hours on the weekend.

Link, Bokoblin, Guardian, and Korok Kit (615 pieces)

$16 ($20)

Piece together a bunch of Zelda characters with this affordable bundle. This includes Link, a Bokoblin, a Korok, and a Guardian.

Master Sword Building Kit (388 pieces)

$20 ($22)

If you’re not a fan of the glowing aspects of the Master Swords listed above, be sure to give this one a closer look. This is a standard Master Sword with a stone dock, adorned with some unique trappings for added flair.

Guardian Building Kit (379 pieces)

$18 ($20)

With a rotating head and movable legs, this 379-piece Guardian makes it easy to find a unique pose for your game room or home office. It’s also pretty large, clocking in at over nine inches tall and nine inches wide.

Hestu Korok Building Set (246 pieces)

$14 ($20)

This might be the best Korok kit of the bunch, as it features Hestu and a few small Korok companions. Best of all, it comes with his festive maracas and, when completed, Hestu stands nearly seven inches tall.

Source: Gamespot

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