One Of The Best Shmups Of All Time Is Finally Coming To PC

If you’re a fan of shoot-’em-up (or shmup) games, you’re probably familiar with Radiant Silvergun. Developed by legendary studio Treasure, the game is famous for its high difficulty, its color-based scoring system, and for the fact that it was only available on the Sega Saturn for many years. As its Steam page reveals, Radiant Silvergun is coming to PC soon. Though the page doesn’t have a firm release date, the below trailer says it’s coming August 18.

Radiant Silvergun first came to modern consoles back in 2011, when it was re-released for the Xbox 360, and it was also ported to the Nintendo Switch last year. Based on the game’s Steam trailer, it seems that the PC version will be based on the Switch release, though that hasn’t been stated for sure. These re-releases included several aspects that the original Saturn version lacked, including scoring leaderboards, optional improved graphics, and a revised scoring system based on its spiritual successor, Ikaruga.

Ikaruga is also considered one of the best shmups of all time, and it’s been available on Steam since 2014. Some of the more acclaimed shmups currently available on PC include ZeroRanger, Blue Revolver, and DoDonPachi Resurrection. Though shmups are generally considered to be a difficult genre to get into, this Radiant Silvergun port will include several difficulty options aimed at newbies, so check it out if you’re so inclined.

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Source: Gamespot