Oppenheimer Director Reveals Why The Dialogue Can Be Hard To Hear In His Movies

One of the critiques of Oppenheimer director Christopher Nolan’s movies is that some of the dialogue can be difficult to hear at times. This issue isn’t very pronounced in Oppenheimer, but many people commented that Tom Hardy’s performance as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises came out muffled due to the mask that the villain wears. As it turns out, there is reason for these audio hiccups that Nolan describes as an artistic choice.

Audio captured with microphones on movie sets isn’t always perfect, so actors on many film and TV productions come back for sessions of additional dialogue recordings (ADR). But Nolan doesn’t ask this of his performers. Speaking to Insider, Nolan said, “I like to use the performance that was given in the moment rather than the actor revoice it later.”

Nolan said he admits this is an “artistic choice that some people disagree with, and that’s their right.” For what it’s worth, Hardy’s Bane character did see improvements to dialogue with editing.

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Source: Gamespot