Overwatch 2 – Illari Hero Guide

Illari has joined the Overwatch 2 roster as the game’s 10th support hero, debuting as part of the massive Invasion update. Illari brings some unique mechanics to the game as part of her kit, including an auto-healing turret and an ultimate ability that marks enemies for extra explosive damage. Her precision weapon will appeal to support players who want to feel like contributors on the damage side, making for a well-rounded support hero.

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Illari overview

Illari’s main weapon is her Solar Rifle, which features a long-range beam shot that auto charges. Similar to Widow’s sniper rifle, Illari’s weapon does more damage if you let it charge to full power. The Solar Rifle’s secondary weapon is a short range healing beam that has a limited meter. Illari’s first ability is her Healing Pylon, which you can throw out and stick to any surface. The healing Pylon will automatically heal any nearby teammates that are missing health.

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Source: Gamespot