Here's What The Resident Evil 2 Remake Would Be Like With A Fixed Camera

The Resident Evil 2 remake has been getting rave reviews, by bringing a modern makeover to the beloved horror title and a new over-the-shoulder camera perspective, ditching the old fixed camera.

But what would the remake look like if it did still have that fixed camera? Modder Enveloping Sounds was curious to test this out, so they made a series of videos to test this concept. These are by no means a full-fledged mod, and Enveloping Sounds has mentioned that making this possible for the whole game could prove difficult.

“The near pitch black lighting in certain areas of the police station was designed with the over-the-shoulder view and flashlight in mind,” Enveloping Sounds write under one of his videos. “Much of the environmental detail simply isn’t visible [with fixed cameras], so you’d have to add tons of light sources around all the blacked-out areas for the fixed angle to be both aesthetically pleasing and practical.”

He adds that the aiming system could also be problematic with a fixed camera, and that it would need to be reverted to a simpler system.

Still, even if this was just a test, the results are impressive. The videos give a wider view of Resident Evil 2’s environments, and the fixed camera also works great for adding tension, since you often can’t see what’s to come ahead of you (i.e. when you go up a flight of stairs).

Check out the videos yourself below. You can see all five videos by heading to Enveloping Sounds’ YouTube channel.

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Read our review of the Resident Evil 2 remake by heading here. You can also read features editor Kim Wallace’s opinion piece about why she connected with Claire on a deeper level this time around.

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Xbox's Heartwarming Super Bowl Ad Puts Spotlight On Adaptive Controller

Microsoft’s new Super Bowl commercial puts the Xbox One Adaptive Controller at center stage, with young kids commenting about their positive experiences with it.

The controller was announced and released last year, and its main focus is making games more accessible for players with disabilities. The short Super Bowl ad is pretty touching, giving us a glimpse of how the controller has managed to let kids with physical disabilities still enjoy their favorite games.

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The Super Bowl airs later today on CBS, at 5:30 p.m. CT. For more on the Xbox One Adaptive Controller, read our in-depth feature about it, where we spoke to several gamers with disabilities.

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Rise To Ruins Developer Returning Patreon Pledges For Double Their Amount After Game Is A Hit

Rise to Ruins developer Raymond Doerr recently had one of those good problems: Having to cancel a Patreon for a rainy-day fund he no longer needs.

Doerr originally developed his Patreon for his village-managing simulator Rise to Ruins as a way to make sure he and his company SixtyGig Games (Rise to Ruins only requires one gigabyte of storage space) were able to survive if the game didn’t make back its money through sales. That ended up being a real worry, as Rise to Ruins has been so successful that he’s canceling to Patreon campaign altogether. “Rise to Ruins easily sustains my livelihood and a nice rainy day account that can keep SixtyGig Games running through the hard times now, so I don’t feel right taking additional money from you guys,” he said in a Patreon post.

While the cancellation of a Patreon campaign can be cause for concern, Doerr is making sure backers don’t walk away feeling stiffed. In fact, he’s offering to not only return the money anyone pledge to the campaign since the campaign began, but double it. “If you’ve pledged $10, I’ll return $20,” he says. All you have to do is message him on Patreon with the relevant Paypal information. If that doesn’t work for you, he’s also offering Steam gift card codes instead.

“Please, don’t look at this as a negative, I greatly appreciate everything you guys have and will do,” Doerr concludes. “This is actually a great thing; as Rise to Ruins has become so successful a rainy day fund this Patreon set out to build is no longer necessary. :)”

If only all Patreon campaigns were this good about how they ended.

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PSA: Get Vermintide 2, Cultist Simulator, And Earth Defense Force 4.1 For Just $12

If you haven’t had a chance to try Warhammer: Vermintide 2, now’s your chance to get it and a couple of other solid games for cheap.

Humble’s latest monthly bundle (which you subscribe to, but can cancel after just one month for only $12) includes the Left 4 Dead-esque shooter, the excellent card game Cultist Simulator, and mindless-but-fun shooter Earth Defense Force 4.1 The Shadow of New Despair. Although it’s technically the bundle for month, you can get these games right now, and you’ll get some additional games when March rolls around, though those won’t be announced until that time.

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Final Fantasy XIV's Next Expansion Coming In July, Includes Nier: Automata Crossover Raid

At this year’s Paris fan festival, Square Enix announced some new details on the upcoming expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, Shadowbringers, including a release date and a new raid series based on Nier: Automata.

First, the publisher announced a release date for the upcoming expansion: July 2. Accompanying the news is a new cinematic trailer, including a quick look at the new Gunbreaker class. There’s also a dedicated trailer for the Gunbreaker, showing off what they can do, as well as our first look at the new playable race, the Viera, the rabbit-eared people featured in Final Fantasy XII.

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Nier: Automata director and executive producer Yoko Taro and Yosuke Saito also appeared in the keynote as part of a video announcing that the next alliance raid for the game will feature a crossover with their game. As with most post-release raid content, this crossover is endgame content, which likely means you’ll need a fully-leveled character to participate.

In addition to the new Gunbreaker class, Shadowbringers will feature nine new dungeons, a reworked battle system, a new as of yet unannounced job class and village, and a new game plus option that lets players go back through older story missions with a higher-level character.

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Machinima Officially Shuttered, 81 Employees Laid Off

A couple of weeks ago we saw the unceremonious gutting of Youtube creator network Machinima, as its entire video library vanished on Youtube as contracts were terminated or transferred to another network called Fullscreen as part of Machinima’s merger with the Time Warner-owned Otter Media. Yesterday the company announced what we all knew was coming: It’s shutting down. 

Deadline reports the company has made an official statement on the matter, including the announcement it is purging 81 people from its staff as part of its own end. “Machinima has ceased its remaining operations, which includes layoffs,” a spokesperson told Deadline. “[CEO] Russell Arons remains with Machinima, and is assisting with transitional activities as she explores new opportunities.”

Over the years, Machinima had been host to various gaming-related videos and parodies, including its namesake creative content made entirely with in-game assets of games. Some of its popular videos included a remake of Terminator 2 in Grand Theft Auto V and the Street Fighter series Resurrection.

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The Film Groundhog Day Is Getting VR Game Sequel

Here’s something new to wake up to: Tequila Works, the developer behind Rime and The Sexy Brutale is making a VR game sequel to the classic Harold Ramis film starring Bill Murray Groundhog Day.

Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son stars Phil Connors Jr., son of the protagonist from the original Groundhog Day film, as he becomes trapped in his own one-day time loop in the town of Punxsutawney “until he learns the true value of friends and family,” according to Tequila Works.

The game is published by the new VR wing of Sony Pictures, which recently released the Ghostbusters VR game, Now Hiring. “This is us expanding the [Groundhog Day] storyline into a new format,” Sony Pictures VR group senior vice president told Variety. “When we launched this business three years ago, we thought we would build small bite-sized games with movie IPs and see what price point we could get up to.” After learning the market wasn’t receptive to that idea, Zim said, they went a little more ambitious with Like Father Like Son, which he says is “a real attempt to make a real game.”

According to Variety, the game is a branching narrative adventure game, with dialogue options that open up new paths. You can watch a trailer for the game below.

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The Resident Evil 2 Remake Breathes New Life Into Claire

I’ll be upfront: Claire Redfield has always been my favorite Resident Evil character. She’s caring, strong-willed, and a total badass. She’s everything you’d expect from a good hero, and when we met Claire back in 1998’s Resident Evil 2, she was simply that, only defined by a few characteristics. Her red vest and motorcycle gave her a tough exterior, while her concern for her brother and quest to save Sherry Birkin showed a more sensitive side. The remake stays faithful to the original story, but it adds some extra layers to Claire’s personality. One thing I couldn’t get over as I played her campaign is just how these little additions, such as better bonding moments with Sherry and hilarious responses to being caught off guard by zombies and Mr. X, make such a difference.

In many ways, Claire feels closer to her Resident Evil Revelations 2 incarnation –composed and confident, ready to tackle the situation at hand and equipped with a killer one-liner. Who can forget her satisfying “Oversee this, bitch” quip?  I’m glad that the Resident Evil 2 remake gave her just as many, if not more, great reactions. I love her shouting obscenities as she downs zombies, and saying things like “You can’t be serious” or “What the hell is that?” as her luck runs out. Leon does this to some extent too, but Claire’s responses have an extra hint of sass and frustration. It feels like you’re right there with her, having eerily similar thoughts. At one point, I made a mistake in the sewers, causing her to slide down the rushing water to an area I had previously been and damn, did Claire’s annoyed “You’ve got to be kidding me” reaction line up with mine. 

This improved characterization goes beyond simple comments during combat and exploration; Claire and Sherry’s relationship is also enhanced and their interactions feel much more emotional and genuine. My favorite moment comes when Sherry asks Claire why she’s doing all this for her, and Claire mainly states, “Because I care.” You believe those simple words, because Claire’s proven it time and time again by stopping at nothing to ensure Sherry’s survival. I think this remake sells it better since we see it more in how Claire interacts with Sherry’s mom Annette and kidnapper Chief Irons. A nurturing and protective side that simply wasn’t as strong in the original emerges. Maybe it’s the desperation or sternness in her voice in these scenes, but more than better voice acting is at play here. These interactions hold more nuance and depth, and it allows Claire’s connection to Sherry feel much more personal and less about filling the “big sister” archetype she did when the game first came out.

Overall, Claire’s character is much more convincing, selling me on her feelings and motivations. This is necessary, because unlike Leon, who has a job to serve and protect, Claire’s journey is more personal. She doesn’t have to go to the lengths that she does for Sherry – she chooses to, and that says a lot about her as a person. 

While the remake stays very true to this story arc, it amazes me how just a few changes such as extra lines and nuanced voice acting can make the impact so much stronger. It’s proof you don’t have to reinvent a character; sometimes it’s just about building off what’s there. The Resident Evil 2 remake gives Claire more depth and personality, and that in turn makes her that much more enjoyable to control. As a long-time Claire fan, I’m happy Capcom continues to make her character stronger at every opportunity. 

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How To Fix Overwatch's Four Broken Heroes

Overwatch has had an abundance of updates since its 2016 release, with Blizzard continuously reworking the roster to allow for more optimal combat experiences. While some noteworthy patches have completely reinvented character roles, smaller ones have altered cooldown timers or bullet spreads. These frequent modifications often tip the scales of gameplay balance. Some heroes have become devastatingly strong (Hanzo and his lethal arrow volleys), while others lose their value (Brigitte’s shield bash debuff). Here are four heroes currently in need of serious repair: 


The Flaws: At one point, Mercy’s selection rate soared above her support comrades, because she was such a capable healer. Supports, like Lucio and Zenyatta, were limited to specific stratagems. Others, notably Ana, were too mechanically demanding to use efficiently. Comparably, Mercy’s ability-kit was easy to execute and, in some cases, stronger. With ample healing numbers and high mobility, she provided a dependability that no other hero could best. Currently, however, Mercy’s viability is at a record low. With a healing per second (hps) reduction, and a less sustainable ultimate called valkyrie (for 15 seconds her core abilities are slightly enhanced), she is no longer reliable at her own role. 

Before valkyrie, Mercy’s resurrection ultimate earned the ire of many Overwatch players. The power to revive an entire team was overpowered, so it was only a matter of time until that was patched. Now the forgotten ultimate has become nothing more than a single-target reviver on an egregious 30-second cooldown. Her angel wings momentarily clipped, Ana, Moira, and Zenyatta have become increasingly commonplace. 

The Fix: A return to Mercy’s old healing capabilities of 60 hps would work wonders for the character. Right now, she sits at a meager 50 hps which often fails to sustain heroes with both large and small health pools. Since resurrection has a cast time of 1.75 seconds, death is almost always assured (all of this just for the attempted revival of one ally!). If the revival time is reduced to a manageable 1.5 (Overwatch, after all, is a game of seconds), Mercy might find herself in a sweet spot that won’t threaten the popularity of other heroes. 

Wrecking Ball

The Flaws: Wrecking Ball’s fall from grace was as quick as his initial announcement. Players prized him for an uncanny ability to initiate skirmishes. Likewise, his utility stems from enabling allies to swoop in and dispatch specified targets. Now that tank-heavy, brawler team compositions are becoming the standard, Wrecking Ball has a harder time contributing to the kill count. Considering that Overwatch is primarily about the decimation of one’s enemy, Wrecking Ball’s damage deficiency is alarming. 

The Fix: Wrecking Ball is easily defeated by most crowd-control heroes. Perhaps by replacing his quad cannons with infinite-ammo chain guns (like D.Va’s firearms), players could secure their own chance at survival when attacked. To prevent him from massacring foes with smaller health pools, an increase to bullet spread and an ensuing overheat-period that substitutes a normal reload timer would be important. With his dual guns rendered unusable, Wrecking Ball’s “adaptive shield” ability would have a new purpose, allowing him to be as tank-y as Reinhardt and Orisa, but also giving him the potential to seal the deal on battles against counter heroes.


The Flaws: Everyone’s favorite flanker received a tremendous buff last month. With major tweaks to his passive lifesteal, Reaper is unkillable unless actively confronted. Does this make him overpowered? On lower tiers, perhaps. Yet, issues never sprang from his high damage output or self-healing capabilities. Rather, he is notorious for having extremely weak core abilities: “shadow step” and “wraith form.” 

Shadow step’s lengthy cast animation leaves Reaper susceptible to incoming attacks and often leads to an instant demise. While under the limited protection of wraith form, he can retreat to safer locations, but when nimbler heroes are in tow, he is easily tracked down and vanquished. Additionally, his shotguns suffer from considerable damage distance drop-off, meaning that without a speed-boosting Lucio, he struggles to get within range of enemies. As double-sniper and triple-healer team compositions become more common, Reaper will likely remain a situational hero. 

The Fix: Let’s start with shadow step. Highlighting Widowmaker’s “grappling hook” and Ashe’s “coach gun,” YouTuber Blame The Controller posits that Reaper could benefit from a skill that swiftly places him within range of his targets. Like Tracer’s “blinks,” he would be limited to horizontal navigation. Drop the latest lifesteal patch, throw in visual cues for the new ability, add a lengthy cooldown – maybe 15 to 20 seconds – and I’d be all for this suggestion! 

Relative to wraith form, programmers can look to Moira’s “fade” for inspiration. While I won’t advocate for an undetectable Reaper, if he is simply harder to pursue, it enables him to lurk and pounce on unsuspecting foes; which encapsulates the entirety of his role on the battlefield.


The Flaws: Doomfist slowly made his way to the bottom of the roster heap with the unwanted help of drastic ability adjustments. The perfect assassin, he was infamous for ambushing key targets, eliminating them in mere seconds, and then retreating to reset for the next push. His melee combos, in particular, juggled opponents with well-timed attacks until death. Unfortunately, recent updates have lessened his kill potential. For instance, opponents launched by his abilities have their physical agency returned to them much sooner than before. This means that it’s now possible to counterattack Doomfist during his overwhelming barrage. 

The Fix: I’ve chosen to focus on Doomfist’s “meteor strike” ultimate rather than his combos. Whereas most other damage dealers have ultimates dedicated to eliminating targets, frustrated Doomfist players are often forced to use meteor strike for tactical escapes. With a steep damage-reduction in effect, the ability doesn’t kill adversaries unless accurately placed. Because his ultimate has AOE qualities, a return to the terrifying 300 damage output from before Doomfist’s latest revision with   a stun-lock on opposing players caught in meteor strike’s radius would be ideal. Perhaps with changes like these, Doomfist may find himself amid the wonderful chaos of combat once again.

For an all-encompassing overview of hero-based evolutions in Overwatch head here. And, by all means, feel free to offer your own flaws and fixes in the comments section!

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