Respawn Entertainment Showing Off New Battle Royale Game Tomorrow

The rumor mill has been churning for the past few days now about Respawn Entertainment stepping into battle royale called Apex Legends. Tomorrow, Respawn will be showing off the game. CEO Vince Zampella confirmed the news a little while ago with a tweet:

Looks like there is a screenshot out there, so you get your tease for @PlayApex 🤣
Tomorrow will be better, I promise
— Vince Zampella (@VinceZampella) February 4, 2019

Looks like everything is unlocked now? Fun.
So, if you like Respawn, our games or even me, you should tune in tomorrow. Our stream starts at 8am pt and we’ll tell you everything about Apex Legends. Everything.
— Vince Zampella (@VinceZampella) February 4, 2019

Moreover, we’ve played over five hours of the game and will have impressions, details, footage, and interviews to share shortly after 2:20 PM CST. Check back then.

For more on Respawn’s games, head here for our review of Titanfall 2.

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Rumor: New Sony Patent Could Point Towards PS5 Backwards Compatibility

A new patent filed by Sony points to possible backwards compatibility for an upcoming console, likely the PlayStation 5. Since we haven’t seen backwards compatibility on a PlayStation console since early generation PS3, this feature could be huge for both Sony and its consumers if true.

The patent suggests that the PS5 would be capable of running software from legacy devices, i.e. PS4, PS3, and so on. This would occur with tech that would trick the legacy software into believing it was being run on a legacy device. This process is coined as “processor ID spoofing” in the patent. 

Just how far back the backwards compatibility would go is unclear, especially since the PS3’s architecture is notoriously difficult for this. This is part of the reason as to why the PS4 never received backwards compatibility, and instead led Sony to create PlayStation Now to give users access to the backlog. Select PS2 games are also available on the PlayStation Store.

An extensive Reddit thread cites sources and heavily speculates that the patent is for PS5. Filing this patent may, however, amount to nothing, but it does suggest backwards compatibility is being considered.

[Source: Sony Patent via IGN]

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Studio Behind Papers, Please Movie Releases Next Short Film

Russian filmmakers Liliya Tkach and Nikita Ordynskiy, who brought us the Papers, Please short film last year, recently released their newest project. This time, the duo created a movie adaptation for Beholder, a PC game that tasks you with surveilling apartment tenants.

Similar to Papers, Please, Beholder takes place in a dystopian future with strong Orwellian vibes. This makes it a perfect fit for Tkach and Ordynskiy, who clearly have a cinematic fondness for these totalitarian themes. 

Beholder’s official film is in black-and-white. Carl, who is both the protagonist in the film and in the game, is a building inspector for an apartment complex. He spends his shift watching several screens that let him peek into the lives of the tenants. If he sees anything suspicious, he reports the behavior to officials. The movie is pretty well done, with oppressive visuals that tie well to the thematic story.

Watch the full official short film below.

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Beholder, the PC game, released in late 2016 and was developed by Warm Lamp Games. It’s sequel, Beholder 2, launched last December. 

For more, check out the official Papers, Please short film which can be watched in full here.

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Rumor: Is A Sequel To Jade Empire In The Works?

Jade Empire, BioWare’s well-received martial arts RPG from 2005, could soon be receiving a sequel or remaster. This news comes in light of EA submitting a new trademark application for the franchise in late January. 

This could signal a sequel, remaster, or that Jade Empire is coming to new platforms. However, it could also mean nothing exciting at all. Sometimes companies file for trademark applications as a routine procedure, in order to maintain IP rights, which could easily be the case here.

If there is a sequel or revival of Jade Empire, though, EA renewing the trademark is one of the steps necessary to make that happen. Plus, a few years back, BioWare told us that the possibility of a Jade Empire sequel is “never dead.” Whether the rumor is factual or not remains unclear, but we hope to see the cult classic make a return in some shape or form.

Last year, Jade Empire made its way to Xbox One backwards compatibility along with 4K resolution on Xbox One X.

[Trademark via PcGamesN]

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Watch Adorable No Man's Sky Fan Film Made By A Father And His Five-Year-Old Daughter

A YouTuber and his five-year-old daughter worked together to create an adorable fan film together that’s inspired by No Man’s Sky.

Titled Nomad Squadron, this 10 minute film shows Amelia, the five-year-old girl, and her squad members (who include guest stars Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller and Austin Creed aka wrestler Xavier Woods) exploring the depths of space and infiltrating an alien world.

It’s cute, funny, and thrilling to watch. Creator Matt Silverman explained in a subreddit that one of the most complicated parts of putting the film together wasn’t actually the filming itself. The film uses recorded in-game footage from No Man’s Sky and the actors were carefully edited in, which is pretty neat. “Compositing the game footage and getting everything to look cinematic was the biggest challenge,” he wrote.

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The film even caught the attention of No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray, who called the movie “heartbreakingly sweet.”

Nomads Souls is the most heartbreakingly sweet fan made video.
When you make games it’s for moments like this.
— Sean Murray (@NoMansSky) January 31, 2019

For more on No Man’s Sky, read our thoughts about last summer’s NEXT expansion that brought a number of upgrades to the space sim.

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Here's What The Resident Evil 2 Remake Would Be Like With A Fixed Camera

The Resident Evil 2 remake has been getting rave reviews, by bringing a modern makeover to the beloved horror title and a new over-the-shoulder camera perspective, ditching the old fixed camera.

But what would the remake look like if it did still have that fixed camera? Modder Enveloping Sounds was curious to test this out, so they made a series of videos to test this concept. These are by no means a full-fledged mod, and Enveloping Sounds has mentioned that making this possible for the whole game could prove difficult.

“The near pitch black lighting in certain areas of the police station was designed with the over-the-shoulder view and flashlight in mind,” Enveloping Sounds write under one of his videos. “Much of the environmental detail simply isn’t visible [with fixed cameras], so you’d have to add tons of light sources around all the blacked-out areas for the fixed angle to be both aesthetically pleasing and practical.”

He adds that the aiming system could also be problematic with a fixed camera, and that it would need to be reverted to a simpler system.

Still, even if this was just a test, the results are impressive. The videos give a wider view of Resident Evil 2’s environments, and the fixed camera also works great for adding tension, since you often can’t see what’s to come ahead of you (i.e. when you go up a flight of stairs).

Check out the videos yourself below. You can see all five videos by heading to Enveloping Sounds’ YouTube channel.

Click here to watch embedded media

Click here to watch embedded media

Read our review of the Resident Evil 2 remake by heading here. You can also read features editor Kim Wallace’s opinion piece about why she connected with Claire on a deeper level this time around.

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Xbox's Heartwarming Super Bowl Ad Puts Spotlight On Adaptive Controller

Microsoft’s new Super Bowl commercial puts the Xbox One Adaptive Controller at center stage, with young kids commenting about their positive experiences with it.

The controller was announced and released last year, and its main focus is making games more accessible for players with disabilities. The short Super Bowl ad is pretty touching, giving us a glimpse of how the controller has managed to let kids with physical disabilities still enjoy their favorite games.

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The Super Bowl airs later today on CBS, at 5:30 p.m. CT. For more on the Xbox One Adaptive Controller, read our in-depth feature about it, where we spoke to several gamers with disabilities.

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Rise To Ruins Developer Returning Patreon Pledges For Double Their Amount After Game Is A Hit

Rise to Ruins developer Raymond Doerr recently had one of those good problems: Having to cancel a Patreon for a rainy-day fund he no longer needs.

Doerr originally developed his Patreon for his village-managing simulator Rise to Ruins as a way to make sure he and his company SixtyGig Games (Rise to Ruins only requires one gigabyte of storage space) were able to survive if the game didn’t make back its money through sales. That ended up being a real worry, as Rise to Ruins has been so successful that he’s canceling to Patreon campaign altogether. “Rise to Ruins easily sustains my livelihood and a nice rainy day account that can keep SixtyGig Games running through the hard times now, so I don’t feel right taking additional money from you guys,” he said in a Patreon post.

While the cancellation of a Patreon campaign can be cause for concern, Doerr is making sure backers don’t walk away feeling stiffed. In fact, he’s offering to not only return the money anyone pledge to the campaign since the campaign began, but double it. “If you’ve pledged $10, I’ll return $20,” he says. All you have to do is message him on Patreon with the relevant Paypal information. If that doesn’t work for you, he’s also offering Steam gift card codes instead.

“Please, don’t look at this as a negative, I greatly appreciate everything you guys have and will do,” Doerr concludes. “This is actually a great thing; as Rise to Ruins has become so successful a rainy day fund this Patreon set out to build is no longer necessary. :)”

If only all Patreon campaigns were this good about how they ended.

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PSA: Get Vermintide 2, Cultist Simulator, And Earth Defense Force 4.1 For Just $12

If you haven’t had a chance to try Warhammer: Vermintide 2, now’s your chance to get it and a couple of other solid games for cheap.

Humble’s latest monthly bundle (which you subscribe to, but can cancel after just one month for only $12) includes the Left 4 Dead-esque shooter, the excellent card game Cultist Simulator, and mindless-but-fun shooter Earth Defense Force 4.1 The Shadow of New Despair. Although it’s technically the bundle for month, you can get these games right now, and you’ll get some additional games when March rolls around, though those won’t be announced until that time.

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