Patrick Stewart is Narrating What?!?

Click here to watch embedded media That’s Right! None other than Sir Patrick Stewart is narrating the feature filled, holiday update for Plants Vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. The new update brings not only the beloved thespian to the scene, in a delightfully Dr. Seuss-esque role, but also a bevy of new modes and maps. 

First, players get to look forward to a new map, Oozevoir. This Splatoon-like map is filled with bouncy ink bringing some light aerial combat to Plants Vs Zombies.

Second, players get access to cooperative free-roam maps: Weirding Woods and Olde Town Hunt-A-Gnome. The former is a combat-oriented jolt through whimsical woods replete with talking enemy trees, while the latter offers puzzles to solve and treasures to find.  

Third, this feature-filled update adds new two new festivals, Feastivus and Snowday, along with three new activities in Giddy Park: Treasure hunt, Bounty, and Coin Capture. 

Finally, the update offers numerous small patches, listed below (text from EA). 

Updates Giddy Park’s loading screen to a winter-themed version
Adds new Grandmaster Ranks to the game so character levels now go up to 50 (current top rank is 20)
Update the Social Tab to show the Grandmaster Ranks of all players in Giddy Park
Update the Player Rank plates to make them easier to read
Moves completed Free-Roam Region Medals to the bottom of the screen
Updates the last Weekly Challenges so they now give Rainbow Stars instead of coins
Adds a Vanquish/Vanquished Ratio to the end-of-round scoreboard for multiplayer games
Adds new UI icons for Character Perks, including attack, defend, speed, and character-specific perks
Patches to Turf War include decreased capture time for certain objectives and easier to hit targets on the final objective in Goopy Gully 
The last player standing in Battle Arena will now get a spotting and 10% speed increase buff to help them fight the enemy team
Changes to Rux’s Emporium includes the ability for players to now purchase Costumes, Gestures, Emotes, and much more. Also, adds the ability for players to purchase Rainbow Stars.
Fixes the Scoreboard so that it can now be viewed when the player is vanquished
Adjusts mouse sensitivity options to have a wider range, allowing the user to adjust them to a much finer extent
Fixes the heal beam so that it’s no longer canceled when its target sprints 
Fixes the issue where players could get a completed challenge after re-rolling
Increases max aim acceleration
Reduces scale factor (ramp up) for aim acceleration
Adjusts assist settings when set to low
Adjusts acceleration thresholds
Reduces multiplier when facing aim assist targets
Reduces aim assist when pushing sticks to extremes
Reduces base aim assist area when aiming at a target
Extends our max value for controller sensitivity
Extends our max value for controller aiming sensitivity
Extends our max value for controller aim acceleration
Adjusts ranges and step values for mouse sensitivity
Adjusts min mouse sensitivity value
Increases disarm time in Gnome Bomb
Reduces max time to be revived in Team Vanquish
Be sure to check out our review of the base game and sound off in the comments. Are you excited for Patrick Stewart’s inclusion?!? 

[Source: YouTube, EA]

Source: Gameinformer