Per Aspera Arrives On PC

Sometimes, you just need to terraform a planet. In Per Aspera, you can do exactly that, on Mars. In this world, many have tried to make the red planet a livable place – and all have failed. If simulation games are your jam and you have a PC, Per Aspera might be a title of interest. Oh, you’re going to have to protect your settlement too, so it’s not quite as simple as just collecting resources and going about your merry way. There are threatening forces you’ll need to defend against even as you try to improve your customization options. Tlön Industries is taking a varied approach to the classic sim here by mixing a few different genre elements into a singular package. 

Essentially, you’re trying to set up on Mars to eventually save humanity with the new world you’re creating. Simple enough, right? Many of the simulation and city builder staples are here, from tech trees to research options, and they can make a big difference each time you try to prime the perfect planet. Since you must deal with unknown dangers as well as advancing, it’s definitely somewhat of a base building game as well. Managing a setup can start simple, but can get quite complex as you progress through colony development.

You play as an artificial consciousness as you try to both develop your holdings and keep your colonists happy and healthy. There’s even a narrative yarn to uncover as you play. Yes, there’s a story. Players can discover the mysteries of Mars in several different ways, but some may opt for the sandbox mode that lets you go wild and free with your setups and creations. Get a taste of the gameplay in the launch trailer below.

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You can find Per Aspera on Steam and GOG. PC only for now!

Source: Gameinformer