Pokemon Black And White Remakes May Have Been Teased In Latest Pokemon Presents

The August Pokemon Presents livestream had plenty of updates for several mobile and Switch games in the franchise, and according to some fans with a Keen Eye attribute, a potential tease for the next remake of Pokemon Black and White.

During the final minutes of the presentation that saw new gameplay for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Indigo Disk expansion, Drayton of Blueberry Academy’s BB League brings out his Archaludon, the evolution of Duralodon. Pokemon fans on social media (via VGC) noted that Archaludon resembles the Skyarrow bridge, the main bridge found in the Unova region of Pokemon Black and White.

Another link here is that Drayton’s name translates to Iris in other languages, a reference to the Dragon-type trainer and Opelucid gym leader of Pokemon Black and White. It appears he just wants you to know who he is.

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Source: Gamespot