Pokémon Home Brings All Your Pokémon Under One Online Roof

The Pokémon brand is as strong as ever (with Go continuing to do well, the success of Sun and Moon and the upcoming Sword and Shield, and Detective Pikachu doing well at the box office), and The Pokémon Company is striking while the iron remains hot, announcing a new app called Pokémon Home that makes the critters you can catch in just about anything Pokémon-related valuable.

Pokémon Home, available on smartphones starting in 2020, is an app that lets you store the Pokémon you catch in a single online home. You can upload Pokémon using the 3DS Pokémon Bank app (which itself lets you upload Pokémon from several different Pokémon games), Pokémon Go, The Pokémon Let’s Go games, and the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield.

The goal of Pokémon Home was to give every Pokémon you catch some sort of value, and you can also trade anything in Pokémon Home with friends locally or online. You can also trade Pokémon with random strangers on the internet.

Pokémon Home was announced at today’s Pokémon press conference, where the company made a number of announcements, including Pokémon Sleep, Pokémon Masters, The Pokémon Go Plus Plus, and more.

Source: Gameinformer