Portal 2 Players Team Up To Create An Impressive New Campaign

Since Portal 3 doesn’t seem to be in the near future for Valve, the desire for any sort of a continuation of the sci-fi franchise featuring a homicidal A.I. reigns free and unbridled. For that reason, this fan-driven Portal 2 project is the perfect excuse to dive back into the world of cakes that don’t really exist and philosophies about demanding life take its lemons back. 

I’ve actually covered this mod previously, and for good reason. The project is called Desolation, and it is an extensive campaign that fleshes out the Portal universe. The mod team is back from a nice holiday break, and to celebrate, they’ve shared a new gameplay video of how Desolation works in Portal 2 and what other fans can expect: 

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One of the cooler aspects of the gameplay reveal is a new environmental style that the team implemented called “Industrial.” According to the modding team, “This style features open test chambers built into vast mined-out caverns. Constructed in the 1990s, Industrial serves to fill the gap between Old Aperture and the modern Enrichment Center, with the chambers built using modern materials assembled by human construction workers rather than by machines. This means the reconfigurable panel arms associated with the Enrichment Center are not present: the structures are rigid and formidable, resulting in a starker appearance. The visuals are further enhanced by our suite of new graphical features which help bring the Source Engine up to date, such as PBR (Physically Based Rendering) and a new tonemapper.”

The above video also showcases one of Chapter 3’s new testing chambers: Chain. This sequence looks tricky as can be with the faith plate reliance, but the team assures interested fans that it’s “a lot less complicated than it looks.” 

Also included in a new HUD overlay that allows players to track their progression and other key informational tidbits before going into each chamber. 

The aspect that I’m most excited about, personally, is the new Portal gun concept art (which has continuously evolved since May of 2018): 

From character adjustments to new challenges, Portal 2: Desolation is an astoundingly impressive project driven by passionate fans who want to continue on in an adventure that so many of us have fallen in love with. This particular modding team also provides in-detail updates on its modding page, which you can check out for yourself right here. 

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Thoughts on the gameplay reveal for Portal 2: Desolation? Sound off with your hot takes in the comment section below! If you’re looking for mod recommendations for other games, feel free to drop a request as well! 

Source: Gameinformer