Prime 1 Studio's New Ghost Of Tsushima Statue Is Stunning

The Prime 1 Studio Showcase that premiered last Saturday revealed a bevy of fantastic large- and small-form collectibles. Perhaps one of the most impressive statues shown was Ghost of Tsushima’s Jin Sakai (you can see the statue at the 59:00 mark in the link above). The legendary samurai can be seen standing atop a mound of rubble and stone steps; yellow leaves falling around him – just as they do in-game. There’s even a fox by Jin’s left foot, likely prepared to lead him to a nearby shrine. Prime 1 Studio has a reputation for making incredibly detailed work and this new Ghost of Tsushima statue definitely lives up to the hype.

『Ghost of Tsushima』より境井仁のスタチューが登場!

【PRIME 1 STUDIO PHASE I SHOWCASE】配信中! #GhostofTsusima #ゴーストオブツシマ
— Prime 1 Studio (プライムワンスタジオ) (@Prime1Studio) December 6, 2020

A price for the statue and a pre-order date haven’t been announced yet – although, based on previous Prime Studio 1 prices, this will probably cost a small fortune. But, it’s Jin Sakai from Ghost of Tsushima; why wouldn’t you try to add him to your statue collection if you had the chance? Check out some screenshots of the statue below. 

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Source: Gameinformer