Prime Video's Ads Will Soon Be Harder To Avoid And More Intrusive

Amazon has announced that Prime Video’s ads are getting more intrusive. In a blog post (via The Verge), Amazon announced an “expanded suite” of ad formats with the aim of pushing you to buy stuff and to help Amazon make more money.

Amazon said Prime Video will soon have “shoppable carousel ads” on TV shows and movies. This will display a sliding lineup of products that viewers can quickly add to their Amazon cart. Upon interacting with it, this ad will pause to allow users to browse through it. Whenever the viewer stops interacting with the ad, the programming will continue.

The next type of ad is what’s called an “interactive pause ad.” This means when you pause a TV show, movie, or live sport on Prime Video, an ad may pop up, along with options for “Add to Cart” and “Learn More.” Viewers can resume their TV show or movie whenever they want.

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Source: Gamespot