PSA: Latest Anthem Patch Adds Proper HDR Support, Fixes Some Crashing Issues

BioWare has a released its latest patch for Anthem, clocking at a fairly sizable 10 gigabytes to fix a few issues.

The patch notes this time around are fairly short, however. The big note here is the implementation of a proper HDR feature, which now allows the feature to turned on (it previously wasn’t a toggle and was reportedly not working for a number of players).

There are also a couple of bug fixes that should hopefully make the game less frustrating. The patch fixes “a number of issues that were causing players to crash,” though users in the thread in which the update was posted are reporting they are still getting crashes, and are having issues connecting to servers, though this could be a short-lived maintenance issue.

Additionally, if you had a frustrating encounter with the last boss of the game in that they didn’t appear, (apparently caused by having your squad wipe before you reached the encounter) you hopefully won’t have that particular issue now.

“We are continuing to investigate additional issues that the community have been reporting and will provide more updates on when they will be fixed,” BioWare posted in its updates. The company also recently laid out its plans for the next 90 days of content for Anthem in its roadmap.

Source: Gameinformer