PUBG Mobile's Crossover With Resident Evil 2 Is Live

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PUBG Mobile launched its new crossover mode with Resident Evil 2 today, called Zombie: Survive Till Dawn.

The new game type, which comes as part of the 0.11.0 patch, still pits you against 59 other players, but in a 30-minute match taking place over the course of three days and two nights. A number of Resident Evil 2 enemies also make an appearance, including lickers and undead police officers. Infamous bosses like G1 and the Tyrant will appear as well. G1 spawns in PUBG Mobile’s version of the police station from Resident Evil 2, and the Tyrant crops up randomly at night around air drops.

During the day, you can farm zombies for resources, but when the sun sets, enemies become more aggressive, making PvP interactions a little trickier with new threats and reduced visibility.

While playing the new mode, players can earn Leon and Claire skin sets, and in-game Ada and Marvin costumes inspired by the characters from Resident Evil 2.

While you wait to take down Mr. X (who’s the scariest part of Resident Evil 2), check out our review of the survival horror remake. We also wrote about how Capcom’s has breathed new life into Claire.

Source: Gameinformer