PUBG Tool Lets You Find Streamers That Kill You

The killcam is a time-honored tradition in multiplayer shooters. You need an object to focus all your ire on and then laughingly go “You got me!” When you’re killed by a streamer, though, you might want to check out what they thought of you when they got the kill. A new third-party tool tells you when someone who’s streaming kills you and gives you a link to their stream so you can watch yourself get killed, or watch yourself kill them.

PUBG Report does exactly what it says on the tin: when you’re killed, you can find out who did it to a very specific degree if they’re a streamer. The game keeps track of your last 14 kills or deaths, allowing you to click a particular one, find out if a streamer killed you, and go directly to the stream theoretically at the time you were killed. It’s a whole new level of kill cam.

It’s probably pretty useful if you’re really into PUBG and want to see how other people react to you or your tactics or you just want to gloat in your moment of victory. I worry about people jumping into channels to yell at streamers to kill you in the chat, but maybe that’s more funny than a worry. 

[Source: Eurogamer]

Source: Gameinformer