Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Steel Wave – New Gameplay Today

Click here to watch embedded media Rainbox Six Siege’s upcoming season is coming soon, and we’ve got some footage of our very own Leo Vader playing the new content. What does Operation Steel Wave add to the mix? How about a pair of new operators and a renovation for one of the game’s most popular maps? And thanks for asking! 

First up, we’ve got the operators. Ace brings a slick breaching gadget, which has an unusual deployment. Once thee device is attached to a wall, it detonates in three steps, resulting in a large hole. Of course, defenders can knock it out before it’s fully finished with the breach. Next up is Melusi, who can place mines with an area-of-effect debuff that slows affected players. Victims can still aim quickly, but their mobility is reduced while the gadget is active. And yes, it’s as annoying as it sounds!

In addition to these operators, the House map is getting a significant overhaul. Rooms have been added, additional doors and routes are in place, and the overall navigational flow is different. Watch Leo’s gameplay for a look at everything, and to hear his thoughts on the additions and tweaks.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Steel Wave is coming to PC, Xbox and PS4 on June 8, if they follow the usual schedule.

Source: Gameinformer