Reader Discussion: Do You Enjoy Making Your Own Creations In Games?

Whether you’re a Minecraft builder, a Sims 4 player with an architect’s eye, or a level creator in Super Mario Maker, several video games provide creation suites for innovative players.

Sometimes the building aspect is the game’s biggest selling point, such as with Dreams, and other times it’s a well-thought out addition like Far Cry 5’s Arcade Mode. Either way, it feels like there’s something out there for anyone who wants to add their personal touch.

I’ve been hot and cold on building mechanics; some click with me while others don’t. Lately I’ve been getting back into building homes and community lots in the Sims 4, as well as throwing my hat into Dreams once more to go deeper with the creation tools. I’m also hoping to get my hands on Super Mario Maker 2 soon.

So, what about you? Are you a builder or a creative type? Or do you prefer experiencing the custom-made creations of others? I love discovering and playing through the weird stuff people make in Dreams, so I totally understand if you fall into the latter category.

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Source: Gameinformer