Reader Discussion – What Games Have Made Great Use Of The "Ready To Start" Feature?

One of the many features we were promised around the start of this console generations was one where we’d be able to play games before they were finished installing. We would play early levels while the rest of the game finished installing, or have limited access to certain modes and could play them while we waited. But we want to know: has any game pulled this feature off in a satisfying way?

Dead or Alive 6, for all its faults, had a decent version of this feature. You could play versus with a limited roster from the game’s full selection. It wasn’t great, but it at least let you play the game while you waited, which is more than you can say for lots of games with the feature. Usually, the feature set available in games with a “ready to start” feature are so slim you may as well find something else to do while it downloads. The feature seems so marginal that in a lot of cases, I can’t imagine it’s worth it to design a good one.

But am I wrong? Is there a game that had a great experience available before the game was finished downloading? Is there an open-world game that actually pulled off a way to explore its world before the full install? A multiplayer game you could play early? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Gameinformer