Reader Discussion – What's The Nicest Game-Related Thing Someone Has Done For You?

Multiplayer gaming tends to fall under two categories: cooperative and competitive. While competition gets a ton of the spotlight through tournaments and esports events, cooperation and working together to make the world a better place (usually one with fewer zombies) by being nice to each other doesn’t.

So we want to know: What was the nicest game-related thing someone has done for you? Mine happened a while ago, but I’ll never forget it. It happened to be pretty late during my first Evo tournament back in 2016, and one of the tournament setups for Guilty Gear: Xrd was free. I hadn’t played the game much before and I needed to place to sit down for a moment, so I figured hey, why not start play some?

After a few rounds against the AI, a couple came up and asked through a few gestures (they were Japanese and didn’t know English) if I would play against them. I tried to make it very clear that I was not in any way good, and that I’d be willing to let them use the setup to play against each other, but they wanted to play me. After a couple of rounds it became clear I wasn’t very good, but they actually, again mostly through gestures, took an hour of their time to show me how to do some of the character Potemkin’s trickier moves, and I eventually got a round off one of them. It is, to this day, the nicest game-related thing someone has done for me.

What about you? Has anyone given you a super-rare item in an MMO out of the kindness of their heart? Has anyone sat you down the learn the ropes of a fighting game at tournament? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Gameinformer