Red Dead Online's Frontier Pursuits (And More) Coming September 10

Click here to watch embedded media Earlier this year, Rockstar Games outlined a vision for the future of Red Dead Online, and one part of that vision includes different frontier pursuits. These roles give players different activities to engage to help them stay immersed in the game’s living Old West landscape. You can get an idea of what to expect in the trailer above.

We’ve already run through the concepts driving the first three roles to be added: bounty hunter, trader, and collector. But as a general overview, completing the dedicated tasks for each role earns experience that  allows you to rank up in the profession. As you progress, you learn new skills and gain unique items and clothing.

Beyond these additions, Rockstar is also make a variety of other tweaks in the latest update. This includes more responsive controls for movement and combat, new challenges, and new dynamic events occurring within the open world. 

The company is implementing the limited-time Wheeler, Rawson & Co Club. This promotion runs from September 10 to November 18, and it allows players to automatically unlock certain rewards as they gain XP. The Outlaw Pass is also launching on September 10 at a cost of 35 gold bars, giving players access to an even broader range of rewards, including clothing, campsite adornments, bonus cash, and more.

So, if you haven’t seen all the improvements and new features that have been added to Red Dead Online since launch, this new update should be enough to get you back in the saddle. 


Source: Gameinformer