Red Dead Redemption II Has Shipped 23 Million Copies

In a Take-Two earnings call, the publisher behind Red Dead Redemption II revealed that the anticipated old west game has shipped 23 million copies to retailers since its October launch. That means that, since the initial week-one shipment Take-Two reported in November, Red Dead has shipped an extra six million copies over the holiday.

This is another distinction between shipped and sold, so it does not necessarily mean that Red Dead Redemption II has sold 23 million copies, but it’s probably pretty close. Despite this huge number, Take-Two’s stock price is overall lower than expected, so Red Dead alone isn’t solving all their problems. 

It was reported by the NPD group that Red Dead Redemption pulled ahead of Call of Duty to be the best selling game of the year in the United States, though with the caveat that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s PC sales were not counted in its total. Assuming Red Dead Redemption continues to sell, though, it’s likely that retailers will continue ordering more copies.

Red Dead Redemption II recently topped our revised list of Rockstar’s best games.

Source: Gameinformer