Red Dead Redemption II Recut As A Magnificent Seven-Inspired Film

Click to watch embedded media What if Red Dead Redemption II was done in the style of The Magnificent Seven? YouTuber USNIM has a channel dedicated to creating film-inspired trailers out of popular video games, and Red Dead Redemption II is the most recent to receive the Hollywood treatment. 

The trailer, inspired by the 2016 blockbuster The Magnificent Seven, perfectly captures tone of the film through scenes and dialogue from the game. USNIM also gave Red Dead Redemption II a Logan-inspired trailer that is a bit more melancholic, showing a different side to the game. Both look like they would make great movies. 

USNIM’s channel is filled with trailers, from a Mission Impossible: Fallout-inspired Uncharted 4 trailer to a Spider-Man: Homecoming-inspired trailer for 2018’s Spider-Man, among others.

Source: Gameinformer