Red Hook Studios Returns With Darkest Dungeon II

Click here to watch embedded media Red Hook Studios released Darkest Dungeon in 2016 to critical acclaim. This gothic roguelike RPG didn’t hold players hands, but it was praised for its creepy atmosphere, strategic combat, and diverse roster of character classes. Today, Red Hook announced that it has already begun work on a sequel. 

Are you courageous enough tot carry the Flame? We’re working on a sequel to Darkest Dungeon!
— Darkest Dungeon (@DarkestDungeon) February 19, 2019

According to an interview with PC Gamer, Darkest Dungeon II will be a bigger game as Red Hook builds up its studio. The original game was completed with only five developers, but Red Hook has already grown to 14 for this project and doesn’t plan to stop there. For the sequel, the studio aims to create a larger journey where players will travel to, rather than hinge around a single basecamp. Otherwise, fans can look forward to a similar RPG combat system. Red Hook also hopes to release via early access. Stay tuned for more details, hopefully soon.

[Source: @DarkestDungeon]


This is great news for fans of hardcore RPGs. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of roguelikes, but the original Darkest Dungeon was one of my favorite games of 2016, and I can’t wait to learn more about this sequel. 

Source: Gameinformer