Replay – Bionic Commando

Click here to watch embedded media What were you doing in 2009? If you’re Capcom, you were re-imagining your classic franchises! Between Street Fighter IV’s successful back-to-basics approach and Resident Evil 5’s focus on cooperative shooting, Capcom was in the mood for changing things up with its long-running series. Bionic Commando wasn’t as iconic as those two juggernaut series, but that didn’t stop Capcom from trying to thrust it into the limelight with a dark and gritty 2009 reboot.

No longer was Bionic Commando a 2D sidescroller; now the game was a 3D action game with third-person shooting, a story full of wild twists, and the biggest departure from the original game: the ability to jump. Join us as we experience the opening hour of Bionic Commando on Xbox 360 to learn why this reboot never inspired a sequel.

Source: Gameinformer